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Infinite Cross ~2nd Act~ Signup, Rulings & FAQs  (Read 11643 times)

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Infinite Cross ~2nd Act~
Introduction, Rulings & FAQs

About The Game, you and your partners

What’s Infinite Cross ~2nd Act~ ?
It’s a multiplayer play-by-post role playing game. This game spans multiple forums and in multiple languages. The main hub forum of the game is
In this game, the player is one of the Original Characters living in a “Trinity World”. Suddenly, something weird occurs, there is a flash in the sky, and people from other worlds are falling from the skies! By sheer chance, or by curiosity, you end up meeting one (or more) of them. And you need to now figure out how to help them settle down (since they don’t know how and why they end up in this world, nor is there any way to bring them back to their original worlds). Your own adventure begins here.

People from other worlds?
It’s referring to “Copyright Characters”, characters from another ACG copyright. For example: Reimu Hakurei is one such character.

You mentioned that this game “spans multiple forums”?
Yes, in fact, there are three other teams beside you. MotK is Red Team, then we have Green, Blue and Yellow Teams. The players on different teams defaults to neutral relationship. But there may be times that teams are given conflicting goals.

“Your own adventure”?
Yes, you write your own story by posting in the Story thread. There are no restrictions to the length and/or frequency of the posts.
As for me, Each month, I’ll summarize each team’s story progression, and do an update on the entire world by writing something akin to a story, Also, I’ll be giving out pointers about what the players should do based on their status, tailored to each team. However, the players are free to ignore them.

Some characters from Anime/Comic Books/Games are very powerful, is that okay to be travelling with them?
Actually, no.
To prevent godmodding, we have set up 2 general rules regarding character selection.
The 1st Rule - The Able Rule:
Any character, if they have destruction power that suppresses or equals SCP-076-2 (See link if you don’t know what that is) or can endure an entire fight with SCP-076-2 (or have items easily accessible that enables them to do the above), is unsuitable to be chosen as your partner.
Additional clarification: To see if a character breaks the Able Rule, pit them in a fight against Able (SCP-076-2) based on the description on that SCP Wiki Article. If they can WIN, or FIGHT ON EQUAL FOOTING, then your character probably broke the Able Rule. This also applies to Marisa Rule described below. Note it’s okay to outsmart Able, being really smart won’t break the Able Rule on its own.

The 2nd Rule - The Marisa Rule:
Any character, if they have the same destruction power that suppresses or equals Kirisame Marisa, or can endure an entire fight with her, (or have items easily accessible that enables them to do the above) then you can only take 1 of them as your whole team.

Any character that doesn’t break any of the above rules individually can be freely taken and you can form a group of maximum 5 partners provide none of them break the above rules.
Also, it’s strongly not recommended that you form a team using characters from different copyrights, unless you can clearly explain how they get together in-story.
You can also opt to play without a partner, or acquire them later.

I want to choose a certain very popular “Sacchin” as my partner, but what if others have already chose her?
You cannot choose the same partners as your other teammates (i,e Players on the same team). However, it’s possible for different players from different groups choosing a same copyright character. In that case, please expect a mirror match of “Sacchin”s.

I noticed the title said “2nd Act”, so what about “1st Act”? Is that WUFtD since they have similar premises?
The 1st Act of Infinite Cross is not related to this game, nor is that related to WUFtD.
The 1st Act is about a group of OCs from different forums travel to different copyright worlds, and solving their problems. It’s a completely different story that has already ended, and won’t have any relation to this story.
Additionally, in this game, you’re free to chose any copyrighted character, not only Touhous, you also don’t share a blood or thought bound.

I have other questions!
Okay, relax.
First, see if your questions has been already answered in the next sections. If not, then ask away by replying this thread!!

About OCs and player interactions
An OC, or Original Character, must NOT be one of the following:
  • Related to any of the Copyright Characters.
  • Related to any other OCs.
In other words, an OC must be a completely original character, drafted by yourself.
All OCs are residents of Trinity World #16161, no exceptions (You cannot be a time/space traveller or a planeswalker, for example).  However, you’re free to choose to start from any of the 3 worlds inside #16161, which will be described later.
The backgrounds of the OCs can be freely designed. However, they cannot be powerful people that can directly involved in politics and economy.
Aside from the above restrictions, you can design your OC whatever you like.

Interactions between players
The players on the same team defaults to allies.
In other words, GM will not make it so players on the same team having different or conflict goals.
If, by any chance, a player want to maintain a hostile relationship with players/partners on the same team, please state so and let both parties know of this fact, both in-story and out of story.
Player Interactions in the same team will never result in the death of a player on the same team.
A player can lease control of their partners to their teammates only if that player’s OC is dead.

The players on different teams defaults to neutrals.
However, GM would sometimes making conflicting goals between teams: For example, telling Blue team to protect a certain person while telling Green team to kidnap said person. Although these can be freely ignored, there are still chances that different teams will have a hostile relationship.
You can ally with players on the different teams on your own risk.
Interactions of players on different teams, or players with NPCs, may result in the OC’s death. Will be detailed below.
However, an OC’s death is decided by the GM, players cannot describe themselves killing any of the other players or partners in-story. If they do, it will be ignored by the GM anyways.

About GM Inference
Deus Ex Machina
GM may, when they deems fit, directly intervene the story by writing their own stories.
This may result in changing the flow of the story, the status of the characters, or sending NPCs that may broke the Able Rule or Marisa Rule into the story.
Punishment - Death of OCs and Partners
If somehow OCs get themselves into a very dangerous situation with no way out, they’re deemed to be dead by the GM. Dead OCs cannot do anything in the story for the remainder of the month, but will be resurrected in the story of next month.
However, your partners are not retrievable once they died, also their death will have consequences on your character (for example, the items they process will be gone with them.). Your partners won’t die before you do.

About OC’s Original Settings
The OCs can write their own settings or lore to expand the world of #16161. Such settings must be posted in the Settings section of the main hub forum:
Once a setting is posted, I’ll go verify it, generally, original settings have these two rules:
If a piece of Setting/Lore do not contradict any of the existing canon, then it’s canon.
If a piece of Setting/Lore contradicts any canon, the canon overrules it.
When I approve said setting, I’ll translate them into the other language, together with stamping a “Verified” tag on the thread title.
You can also set up NPCs as your friend, rival or enemies this way. Do notice that others can also use your NPCs and Settings for their own purposes.

How to join
Reply to this thread with information of your original character and partners.( you need to at least give out a name, and in the case of characters, what works they’re from)
Then, find the story thread, and start writing! No other thing is needed other than your imagination!
If you don’t have time to write, that’s completely fine. You can drop off and resume at any time. Other writers may ask you for permission of using your characters and partners though.
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The World of Infinite Cross
The World - #16161
All OCs starts on this world named #16161. (The number is a reference used by myself and isn’t anything that the player should mind.) This world is very special in that several mysterious events have split the world into 3 individual worlds.
The worlds are:
  • Noian, World of Science. This world is the same as the real world we live in, maybe give or take 5 years. History goes on a set path as same as ours, and there are virtually no differences between Noian and the real world we players live in.
  • Galilean, World of Numbers. In this world, due to a bizarre accident, World War I never happened, and the world switched its technology to steam-based, making this world a world of steampunk and dieselpunk. There are infinite energy sources in Galilean, however it cannot be used outside this world due to the need of Steam Machines to transport and generate said energy.
  • Turian, World of Illusions. In this world, due to some mismanagement, the Renaissance of the 12th century never happened. Instead, their studies leads to the discovery of “Sorcery”, a way of sparking potentials of human being so they can do extraordinary stuff such like projecting fires from their hands, or summoning creatures from deep inside Turian. Anything that science and steam can do can also be done in Turian using Sorcery. Basically, this is a world of Sword and Magic, with some other fantasy tropes thrown in.
  • Aside from the above three worlds, there are a 4th world, called Dosian. The other names given is “Paradise”, “God’s Pad” and “Heaven” Basically I will use this world exclusively to resurrect people or manage the story in-story. no other players could use this world for any purpose.

The three worlds have similar technology power, anything in Noian can find their steam or sorcery-driven counterparts in Galilean or Turian. However, Turian Sorcery and Galilean Gadgets will cease to function or function at a reduced rate in other worlds.
The 3 worlds learnt the existence of their counterparts and quickly set up methods of transportation between the 3 worlds about 30 years ago, and Noian technology has been introduced into Galilean and Turian, so it’s not weird to see a computer setting on a stone desk in a Turian Castle. It’s just the other two worlds still prefer to use their own technology.

Other information, including detailed description of each world, and some of their species that’s set as canon by me can be found in, currently in translation.
Other expansions by existing players can be found at, I’ll be translating some at a time.

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Other Q&As

These Q&As are made by other players on other teams.

Ruling Related

Q: Can a player play a group of OCs with close connections? (e.g families or friends)
A: Yes, though it’s not recommended to do so unless you prove you can manage them well. The family and friends can be better set as NPCs.

Q: You stated that OCs cannot be persons that can directly affect the politics and economy. So what about indirectly affecting them?
A: It’s okay as long as you don’t change the world with a thought, be real.

Q: You stated that Able Rule and Marisa Rule only consider 1 on 1 situations. However, can my team of 5 partners be allowed to break Able Rule in the most urgent of times, and only when the 5 is together?
A: Just for this instance, it’s okay. There are tons of ways to split them apart anyways.

Q: Does my OC know about the other 2 worlds?
A: Generally, they do. You could made it so yours don’t, though.

Q: Can OCs break the law?
A: Certainly, please get ready for trouble.

Q: Can we pick up partners in the progression of story? Can we switch partners?
A: You can pick up partners in the story as long as your team is less than 5 and your partner do not break either of the rules. You cannot switch a partner once chosen.

Q: You said anything that do not contradict existing canon is canon, can I write some canon that will hinder others’ progress?
A: You’re welcome to try, to save you the trouble, I’ll just say no here.

Q: Can OCs break the Able Rule / Marisa Rule?
A: Yes. they can. However I’ll make sure that your luck is miserable. With great power comes great responsibility, after all.

Q: Can OCs borrow settings from other copyrighted works? For example. my partner is Bruce Wayne, can my Noian OC be backed by Wayne Corps?
A: As long as it do not have any impact on the existing story, it’s fine. You need to detail these borrowed settings here: first.

Q: Can other characters from my partner’s copyright appear in my story?
A: As long as you don’t interact with them, it’s okay.

Q: My OC constructed a robot, do that counts as partner?
A: You’re not building chobits are you? Nevertheless, they cannot be partners due to they’re not copyrighted characters. However, it’s okay to list them as NPCs.

Q: Can we genderbend our partners?
A: You can, but only if you states so in the story AND on your profile.

Q: Can my partners be from fanfics?
A: Yes, they can, please get the author’s permission first. Most fanfic authors don’t like it when you use their characters.

World Related
Q: What do the worlds know about the universe? Is the universe same as ours?
A: Universe exploration is close to what we have in real life, and the 3 worlds has similar experiences and knowledge on this.

Q: What is the energy used in Noian and Turian?
A: Noian uses common energies found in our real world. As for Turian, Mana is a kind of energy. Though as of now they also have electricity, ported from Noian.

Q: Does the 3 world share their technologies?
A: Yes they do starting 30 years ago. However, Galilian constructs that uses the infinite energy steam machine for power won’t work on the other worlds, same with Turian’s mana-driven constructs. In the latter case, they need to follow The law of conservation of energy to use.

Q: In the world section, you stated that Sorcery is based on a person’s potential. So does that means one person can only learn limited Sorcery?
A: Let’s say you’re gifted at learning languages, you can learn English, Chinese and Japanese very fast, did that forbid you from learning math or physics? Yes, everyone can learn a wide array of sorcery. However, their potential decides what they’re best at.

Q: Can one not eat or drink, and only survive in Turian?
A: As long as they’re from Turian, I guess it’s fine.

Q: Do this story has a set time-frame?
A: Noian is based on modern day real world, The other 2 worlds are the same. So the time would be around 2010s.

Q: Does the works copyrighted characters are from actually exist in these 3 worlds?
A: Probably not. But probably is in Noian. It’s perfectly fine when you, as a Noian, is playing KanKolle in your house, drew Hibiki, and found her right outside your door!

Q: Sorcery? I think it's more close to Mag-
A: No, Sorcery it is. The people in Turian practice Sorcery, while the other 2 worlds call them Magic, a True Turian will always refer that as Sorcery instead of Magic. Magic refers to something even Sorcery cannot solve.
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